Close your eyes and imagine the walls of your living room, what do you see? Nine out of ten people will see art dressing up their walls. Art has a different meaning for each person. For some art is an investment but for most of us, art is simply an essential part of living room design. For this group of people, art is not so much about famous artists but affordability. Like art, affordability too varies from person to person. However, for most people, affordable art comes with a 4 figure price tag or a 5 figure one at most. Affordable art can be bought online and offline. Here are a few places you could pick up a work of art for your home.

First let’s take a look at some offline shopping.

Creative Souls – Reflection

1. Art Galleries

Contrary to popular belief, art galleries do showcase affordable art! Keep an eye out for galleries exhibiting amateur or emerging artists. Look out for pop up galleries as well. Art does not necessarily mean paintings; art could also refer to photographs or digital artwork which is much more affordable than oils on canvases.

2. Restaurants

The next time you visit your favourite restaurant don’t focus only on the food, take a look at the walls as well. Restaurants often use their walls to showcase upcoming local artist creations. In most cases, if you like something you could ‘parcel it to go’ at the end of your meal.

3. Exhibitions

India has many different forms of traditional art styles. To catch a glimpse of them all you need to do is step into a handicraft exhibition. From pattachitra artwork to tanjores, each art form has its own specialty. Most forms of traditional Indian art are affordable though some of the larger tanjores that use real gold may be a tad bit expensive.

4. Local Artists

Commissioning an art piece from a local artist is a great way of supporting them and it ensures that you have something that no one else does. If you have a friend with an artistic hand, why not ask them to make something for you at an affordable price?

When you can buy groceries online, why not buy art online? Here are a few websites you can buy art without going into debt.


Dekorizzle connects you to both artists like Parbbonni and art galleries for emerging artists like Anasha art and Creative Souls. This gives you a wide range of art styles to choose from without leaving the comfort of your home.

affordable art parbonni


Anasha Art


Creative Souls


Eikowa is a curated online art gallery run by art enthusiasts. Eikowa brings together artists from across India and has art to suit every budget. They have a carefully curated and diverse collection of art! They bring The BEST of Indian Artists On one Platform!


Mojarto offers visitors affordable art as well as information on art. They also hold international exhibitions and have collections curated by special guests.


If you’re looking for contemporary art, take a look at They offer paintings, photographs, digital artwork, prints, tribal art and even sculptures. enables upcoming artists to showcase their works to a worldwide audience that appreciates original art at affordable prices.

Fidzi focuses on hand painted artwork and showcases creations in over 2 dozen mediums ranging from mix media to oils and water colours. They also categorize art according to the rooms it would be most suitable, by artists, by sizes, by shades and even by subjects simplifying your decision making process.


Artflute offers both originals and art prints as limited edition prints. They are a marketplace and showcase the work of over 500 artists. They even provide you with an option to gift the art with their Artflute gift card.

11. Facebook

Facebook is yet another great place to look for emerging artists who haven’t yet reached a point where they can hold an exhibition in a gallery. They often start out by creating a Facebook page to showcase their work. With the latest facebook upgrade, you can shop directly from this platform.

When you buy art, it should tell a story. Where and how you bought it is part of this story.

Do you have a story you’d like to share with us on how you bought art for your home? Tell us in the comment below

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