Everyone wants a clean home. Stay at home moms crave for free time as much as working moms do. I believe you agree with me on this. Whether you work at office or at home, everyone needs their home neat and clean at the end of the day as we too need some time for ourselves doing things like spending time with children, family, reading books, cooking your favourite meal and spending some me time.

As much as we want to do all the above things, we sometime get stuck in all the mess around us which will leave us frustrated at the end of the day. We should promise ourselves that we will not get into the the feeling of being trapped with mess around us.

Today’s post is about “30 minutes of quick cleaning routine for busy moms” if practiced will save you a considerable amount of time which can be spent for something worthwhile.

This routine is best done in the morning (can even be done in the mid morning or afternoon for stay at home moms). These few things if not done will leave you frustrated to the core.

You might find it very difficult to dedicate 30 minutes of your day every morning! BUT when practiced and followed as a routine you will definitely be thankful that you did.

Let us know what do you think?

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