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Eclectic style is a combination of styles in order to design an environment, which would have a great look, artistic taste, and a specific connective element, which would make the whole design look as one piece of work.

When it comes to designing kids’ room, the use of eclectic style makes 100 percent sense as we need make it look anything but boring! We have chosen few designs to share with you which we thought is are different and can definitely be implemented if given a little thought about it. Move away from traditional designs and try something new!

5 inspirations for electric kids’ room designs

Kids Playroom design by The Sky is the Limit Design is so refreshing and eye catching that you will start dreaming about them for your child the instant you lay your eyes upon it! Who wouldn’t want this kind of a room? This should definitely ignite a decor spark in you and you get few great colour schemes you could use it for your personal project!

Kids Playroom


Chalk painted walls can never go out of style! A simple white chandelier, a white chair, a rug, few pillows and a teepee will make this room perfectly in sync with what your child wants. A bowl of pop corn is what is missing here!

Ravenwoods Drive


Do you have any comments about the colour of the wall in the below picture and how the wall art is complementing the background. We loved the use of colours and the choice of room decor accessories used here! The prominent colours you can use in your decor are The Reddish Pink, Gray (both light and dark) and White. This combination is a refreshing shift from the usual pink which is mostly the default colour choice for girls room!

Ana Donohue Interiors


The below room is nothing closer to traditional design for kids. It’s got ceramic plates on the wall, the curtain is no where near any usual pink with butterflies or heart print on it! We loved the use of Yellow Wall with paintings of flowers, hammock, a light blue rug! There is no pattern followed here and is the best thing about this room design!

My Houzz: Laurie Rabe


How do make your 11 year old’s room fun and interesting! With the hand painted wall paper and a customised desk area which has a magnetic white board for scribbles, the room design has a decor as well as functional aspect taken care of!

Sloane Square
We are saying good bye with these beautiful rooms design with a promise of bringing more one of a kind inspiration from around the world for your child!
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