Here we give you ideas for incorporating World Map into your home interiors. Even though the creative possibilities are endless, we want to point you out to 6 beautiful World-Map inspirations to prove that it makes an amazing decor element!

Decoration Map

This beautiful decoration map is available from and can be bought here. You can always use your creativity to make something unique like this one in your bedroom using some black wires.

Dekorizzle | WorldMAP



Faux Brick Wall Map – DIY

This is one of a kind DIY project which can change the look of your house and you will always be proud to have done this piece of art. You can refer for the complete instruction.

Dekorizzle | WorldMAP

Source : Classy Clutter

Wooden Cut out of the World Map

This wooden cut out of the world map is quite DRAMATIC and can be a talk of the town (literally). Amazing conversations can happen around here and people will truly be inspired by this. Dining area is the best place for this artwork to engage your guests in some interesting discussion about all the places they have visited and you can share some funny stories and facts about the place.

Dekorizzle | WorldMAP

Source: Instagram

Wall Decal

The Map can be added to the childrens room to create both fun and something to learn. Let your child’s imagination to run wild. This will build the curiosity of the child naturally without the parents having to talk about it. Try it and it has never failed till now.

World Maps are also available as Wall Stickers and Wall Papers. You can also install the wall paper murals or stick a world map on their wardrobe. There are many possibilities and ways of doing it.. Check out The Boo and The Boy for more ways of installing the map in your child’s room

Dekorizzle | WorldMAP

Source: Pinterest

Vacation Memory Photo Map

This is another interesting way of keping your memories on the walls of your house. All you have to do is to trace and paint the world map and trace your photos to the respective locations!

Dekorizzle | WorldMAP

Source: DIY Fun Ideas

Water Coloured Art of World Map

Either different sized canvases can be joined together and coloured to create an amazing piece of art. If that is too much for you then you can go ahead and paint a single large canvas which is much easier.

Look at the dramatic look which it brings to the wall!

Dekorizzle | WorldMAP

Source: Pinterest

These are few of the ways of enhancing the beauty of your room with World Maps. There are thousands of inspirations around the world which can be referred to while decorating your house with the MAP.

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