Getting ready to design a children’s room can be a lot of fun. This becomes more interesting when you’re decorating a room to be shared by a brother and a sister. In many apartments and small homes, this is inevitable. When decorating a room for siblings the challenge lies in personalizing the space for each child and yet making the space look cohesive. Here are a few childrens room design tips to help decorate a room for siblings.

Use Complementary Colours

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Don’t be afraid of using blues and pinks for a room that will house a boy and a girl. The trick is in choosing complementary shades. What that means is, if you want use a pastel pink, use a pastel shade of blue as well. A better idea to use when decorating a children’s room however would be to use gender neutral colours. With childrens room design you could also experiment with combinations such as red and green, blue and orange or shades of yellow and violet.

Add Lots Of White

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White makes a room look bigger and also is a gender neutral colour. White can even make carved flowers look less feminine! White is also the perfect third colour to add to a complementary colour scheme.   However, keep in mind the fact that this is a children’s room and white has an almost magnetic effect on stains. So, instead of a flat plain white effect, choose a textured paint or paint carved surfaces. Another childrens room design tip, try keeping the whites above a child’s reach.

Go Geometric

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Search for childrens room design tips online and you’ll be flooded with images of rooms done up with butterflies and fairies for girls and cars and superheroes for boys. Though this is cliched, it may still work if you’re decorating a room for a single child. However, when you’re decorating a children’s room for siblings, stay away from such motifs. Instead, pick geometric motifs that are gender neutral. From striped wallpapers to polka dot curtains, it is easy to brighten a children’s room with geometric motifs.

Pick Matching Furniture With Coordinated Accessories

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When you’re decorating a children’s room for two, you will need two beds, two armchairs, two chests of drawers and so on. A trick that interior designers often use to make the space look cohesive and still personalize the space for both children is to pick matching furniture. For example, pick the same bed for both children but personalize each with bedspreads and cushions. Similarly, you may also choose a bedside rug for each child in the same size and style but in their colours coordinated with the rest of their half of the room.

Plan Lots Of Storage

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Storage is an essential element of children’s room design. When you’re decorating a room to be shared by two children, this factor becomes even more important. Utilize hidden spaces like the area under the beds and above doors. Placing a chest at the end of each bed can also be a good way of teaching your children to organize their toys.

Personalize The Space

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Lastly, don’t forget to personalize each half of the room according to your child’s personality. Easy ways to personalize a space are with throw cushions, bedspreads, photographs, frames to display their artwork, lamps, etc. Monogram cutouts above their beds are also a clever way of defining each child’s space.

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  1. This is really a fantastic idea. Each of the siblings get equal opportunity in getting their individual taste fulfilled — Be it about the color of wall painting or designs and color of the curtains and the bedspreads or things like furniture they use ,pictures they want to hang on the walls etc.

    Damn sure they get the opportunity of personalizing their portion of the room to their taste
    and no doubt enjoy living there.

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