Have you been looking for an Original Artwork to adorn your walls and you have been postponing it for a while thinking that they are very expensive?

Look no further. LifeonWall.in is here for your rescue.

LifeonWall.in is an online art studio started by a fine artist Parbbonnin Bhowmik. Lifeonwall.in provides you this distinctive deal to create a personalised painting suiting all pockets. Ordering a custom made art is made easier than one can imagine. They have made the original art affordable.

They make their art easier and personalised for you by allowing you to select subjects, colour palettes, medium, canvas size from a huge range of dimensions and orientations. Their expert in-house artists get into a conversation with the client, if needed.

Read everything about LifeonWall.in in their own words!

The different kinds of art you have access to are

  • Abstracts
  • Still life, Portraits, Landscapes
  • Food and beverages
  • Yes You can get your portraits done too! Just upload an image, select the canvas size and pay!

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Concerns regarding buying the original artwork

If its your first time buying original art online and you have no idea about what you are looking for then this section is for you.

I am planning for my first piece of original art for my home. How do I go about it deciding what do I want? I am confused.

Click on “Need Ideas” section on LifeonWall.in where one can get help on deciding his art piece. You can flip through our look book to see what subject would suit a space.  

How affordable is your art?

Affordability is one of the most important factors in the home décor space. That’s why at LifeonWall.in, the smallest size original painting start from a nominal price of Rs 849 and go upto Rs 12,499 for a large framed one.

Is it possible to see some of your works before I decide to order one for me?

Yes definitely. Many a times while interacting with customers, we have felt the need that customers would want to have a look or feel the texture of the painting which is not possible online. This also helps in building up the confidence of buying an original art piece and not a print. So we decided to start our store at The Inorbit Mall Whitefield which would be called as Life On Wall – Art Gallery. It would become operational and is located at LG floor, Opp. Hypercity in Inorbit Mall Whitefield.

Does the colour of the wall, the furniture and upholstery matter? Will you advise us or consult us before we buy your art? If yes, then do you visit our home?

The interior décor elements like furniture, upholstery or colour of the background wall matter a lot. These form a part of the space to actually complement a painting. We advise and suggest various ideas or categories of paintings which would look nice in a particular space. Many a times we visit the client place and take pictures of that particular space and prepare a detailed design of what category of art would suit the space best.

How many consultation will you give once we decide to go ahead?

Typically 1 round of consultation and if required 2 more rounds of edits on the design created makes the customer confident on selecting his own artwork.

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Can we pair your art along with the printed posters?

I don’t think that will go well. It’s better to keep original art and printed posters separate.

What is the main difference between canvas and stretched canvas?

Rolled canvas is canvas cloth in rolled format, without any framing. So a customer has the option of getting it framed as per his requirement, typically in wooden or metal frame.
Stretched Canvases are framed on wooden frames and are ready to hang. Additionally, one might put an outer wooden frame as per his/her design.

How can I decide which one (canvas or the stretched canvas) should I go about buying?

This depends totally on the customer’s requirement. If the customer wants to get the framing done on his own or he wants to ship the painting, it’s better to go for rolled canvas. Otherwise stretched canvas is good enough to readily hang as it saves the time taken for getting it framed.

Can I give a reference image for you to paint? Is it possible to replicate it exactly like the reference image with respect to the colour and the design?

At LifeonWall.in this is what is exactly done. We customize art as per the requirement There is a section called “YOUR ART” on the website where one can get an Original Painting done as per his requirement.

Do you also sell your original which can be bought right away?

Yes we sell original paintings readily available at our store in the Inorbit Mall, Whitefield. We are soon going to have an “Originals Available” section at our Life On Wall website.

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How are the wall paintings priced?

For Wall art, the pricing depends on the size of the wall which would not be standard like Stretched Canvases and can vary greatly. On an average the price of a wall art would be one-third of rolled canvas prices.

Is there any terms and conditions from your end before we go ahead.

You can refer our detailed terms and conditions on our website LifeonWall.in. A customer needs to agree to that before going ahead with payment.

Do we have to make the payment in full?

Yes, payment is to be made in full for all orders on LifeonWall.in.

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Do you ship your art across India?

Yes, both in rolled canvas format and stretched canvas format.

Do you ship internationally?

As of now NO, but we plan to include that in the near future. In case of international shipment, it will be in rolled canvas format and framing would have to be done by the customer.

Does the prices include shipping cost?

Yes, prices are inclusive of domestic shipping and taxes.

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After we order the artwork

Once we order the art from you, what is the timeline we expect to get our art piece?

Once we receive the order, we take 48 hours to send a confirmation mail and within that 48 hours even the customer can cancel the order. The reason for this is there should not be any problem with the image being uploaded on the website. Please refer to terms and policies on the website. For delivery anywhere in India, the timeline would be within 20 days from transaction date. We ensure before time delivery, but to be on a safer side we have kept maximum waiting time as 20 days.

For deliveries within Bangalore, it would be done within 10 days.

What is your cancellation process and refund policy?

Please refer our website for the detailed information on cancellation process and refund policy

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Once we receive your artwork

How do we maintain it?

An original artwork on canvas is for generations. It can be kept at room temperature and wiped gentle with a soft dry cloth to remove any dust.

Are you involved with the art after you sell them to me ( I mean, is it possible to make any changes to the art work)

Small changes are definitely possible, which needs to be consulted with the artist first. Once the painting is shipped and delivered, changes would not be possible.

What are the other places to buy your art from?

You can buy our artwork from Life On Wall – Art Gallery at LG Floor in The Inorbit Mall Whitefield. Anybody can come and have a look at the paintings and pick up something directly. Else get an idea for something custom and place an order.

If you still have questions then please visit and like the facebook page www.facebook.com/lifeonwall. More events and updates would be put in the coming months.

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LifeonWall.in is a great services for those who are looking into buying their first piece of original art! They understand all the concerns of the buyers and will help you out.

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