Do not make your chair just about the price and the material, instead make it an interesting piece of furniture which stands out from the rest of the regular ones already available in the market.
The Pink Chair, known for crafting aesthetically pleasing furniture, has come up with their new range of Ikat fabrics for you to choose from. These fabrics are carefully chosen with an eye towards design and colour.
Dekorizzle | The Pink Chair
You have these fabulous fabric options available to make your chairs from
Dekorizzle | The Pink Chair Dekorizzle | The Pink Chair Dekorizzle | The Pink Chair
So, what would you like your Duchess Wingchair upholstered in ?

How do you order?

Order through Dekorizzle’s FaceBook page / email at [email protected] to get a matching cushion FREE
Visit their website at / email at [email protected]

Bring home this fabulous chair!

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